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Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG) is pleased to announce its annual TRI training, led by Cheryl Keenan, with over 20 years of experience providing TRI training to the regulated community. Ms. Keenan and her colleagues form the most knowledgeable TRI training team in the nation. This exceptional team will present two webinar courses—Basic Concepts and Advanced Concepts—that incorporate the best TRI practices and most current information rooted in the trainers' support of EPA's TRI program.

TRI Basic

New to TRI filing? Need a refresher? This two-hour webinar will walk you through everything you need to know to fill out the TRI form accurately and file it on time, including:

  • What facilities are required to report to TRI.
  • What activities are exempt.
  • How to calculate release and waste quantities.
  • How to fill out the TRI Form.

TRI Advanced Concepts

This two-hour webinar builds on the TRI Basic Concepts course and focuses on:

  • Changes since last year's TRI filing.
  • Common reporting errors and how to avoid them.
  • How to use the required TRI-MEweb reporting system.
  • TRI enforcement.

TRI trainings are complete for 2024. Our schedule for next year's training will be posted in March 2025.

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  • Sign up for just one course or, like many participants, both.
  • The fee is $140 per course.
  • Take the training from any location with internet access.
  • Use the online chat function to ask questions at any time during the training and receive personalized responses from an ERG TRI expert. Many participants—whether TRI novices or experienced filers—find this one of the most valuable aspects of the training.
  • For more information or help with registration, contact us at or 781-674-7267.

Meet Your Trainers

Cheryl Keenan

Cheryl Keenan, a senior engineer at ERG, is one of the foremost TRI experts in the nation, having spent over 20 years supporting all aspects of EPA's TRI program. Her work has included projects focused on TRI data quality, chemical additions, identifying facilities out of compliance, development of the TRI National Analysis, and support for TRI rulemakings. Under contract to EPA, she served as the lead trainer for 7 years, updating the training annually to incorporate changes in TRI requirements and reporting. After 2008, when EPA no longer sponsored this training, Ms. Keenan continued to offer annual TRI training via the private sector—now at ERG. Through her ongoing TRI support to EPA, she maintains a cutting edge knowledge of the TRI program.

Nora Lopez

Nora Lopez served as EPA's TRI Regional Coordinator for EPA Region II for 30 years. In this capacity, she led trainings for TRI reporting, implemented compliance assistance for EPCRA section 313, and supported enforcement targeting and case development related to TRI reporting. She provided guidance and training for EPA staff across all ten EPA Regions and headquarters on specific reporting issues. In addition, she provided her internationally-recognized TRI expertise in support of the development of TRI programs in several countries including Costa Rica, Belize, Chile, and Mexico.

Abby Burton

Abby Burton, a senior environmental analyst at ERG, has spent her career immersed in all angles of the TRI program. Her work has included outreach to facilities with potential reporting errors, assisting EPA in identifying facilities for enforcement or compliance assistance outreach, development of TRI and TSCA guidance, development of the annual TRI National Analysis, and supporting ERG and EPA staff in understanding the nuances of TRI data and reporting requirements. Ms. Burton has been supporting EPA and ERG TRI trainings since 2019.

John Wilhelmi

John Wilhelmi, an ERG senior chemical engineer, is an expert in manufacturing processes, unit operations, and pollution controls in a wide range of chemical manufacturing and materials processing industries. As a contractor to EPA since 1996, he has visited more than 100 industrial and federal facilities to estimate their environmental releases or assess pollution prevention strategies. Mr. Wilhelmi has led more than 40 TRI training sessions—including in Guam and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, where he trained facility staff and local environmental agency officials and provided onsite compliance assistance to local industrial facilities.

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For 40 years, ERG has helped federal, state, and local government agencies protect the environment, improve public health, and achieve other positive outcomes. ERG has more than 600 professionals located throughout the United States. ERG trainers have supported the U.S. EPA's TRI Program since 1989.


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